Big Sean Tells DJ Khaled He Sent New Album Cover To Eminem, Kendrick Lamar & J. Cole

Big Sean offers an update on the completion of his new album “Detroit 2.”

Big Sean has been working hard on his new full-length musical release, Detroit 2. Announcing the new album several months ago, the rapper told fans that he was back in the right headspace, ready to finally unleash some fresh music on us. This weekend, he posted up on Instagram Live with DJ Khaled, who played the role of an investigative music journalist, trying to uncover all the secrets hiding out about the new album.

Asking Big Sean how many songs were on the tracklist, if the cover artwork was finished, and more important queries about Detroit 2, he got some telling answers from the man of the hour.

When asked if the album would be longer than usual or if it will contain the “right amount of songs,” Big Sean confirmed that the latter is more of the case this time around. DJ Khaled also asked him if the cover artwork was finished yet, to which Sean replied in the affirmative.

“Cover is done,” he confirmed before noting that he sent the art to a few of rap’s heavy hitters to get their thoughts on it. He says that he texted it to Eminem, Kendrick Lamar and J. Cole, teasing their possible involvement in the project in doing so. On the other hand though, he likely just respects their opinion so much that he wanted to see what they thought of the vibe.

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