NEWS: Burna Boy’s “Twice As Tall” Album Art Defined

Burna Boy's Twice As Tall Album Art Defined

Burna Boy’s Twice As Tall Album Art Defined: Nigeria’s foremost Afro Pop music star, Burna Boy, real name, Damini Ogulu is one artist on a roller coaster musical ride, headed for the galaxy.

With the introduction of his fiery album – “Twice As Tall“, one can only imagine the much to come and what the African Giant is capable of. It wouldn’t be a surprise to see Burna at this stage in his life and career, considering the consistent and indefatigable efforts he has put into honing his craft.

The album which he named “Twice As Tall” is not an absolute deviation from his “norm” or style of music, instead it would be a fusion of an already existing indigenous consciousness and a slice of Modern Day Africa, focusing on activism and revolution.
Behind the name is a song “Twice A Tall” from a 1959 movie titled “Journey To The Center Of The Earth” sung by Pat Boone. If this is an irony or coincidence, we know Pat Boone for his right-wing politics and Burna isn’t a fan of politics.

Moving over to the album art, Burna painstakingly created symbols, hewed into an artwork that speaks volumes (For itself). The art work sees him in a giant form, towering over some prestigious world landmarks.

1. The Benin Art  It represents one of the greatest empires in Nigeria and this alone proves a fact that Burna has evolved beyond the shores of his own reach, heritage and country. His music has taken flight and has grown beyond his immediate surroundings to being internationally known and recognized.

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2. The Egyptian Pyramid  Symbolizes Africa as a continent and seeing that Burna Boy is the Africa Giant, he is moving past Africa literally. This doesn’t make him any less African or native, infact, if there is any truth, he is loyal to his Afro roots, core and genes and there is no ripping him from it. His music is a revolutionary wake up call that is engulfing not only the black race in its entirety but the rest of the world. The “African Giant” isn’t just a title or a name, it is a journey and we see each stride.

3. The people on his shoulder – Stand for the 7 continents of the world and he is taking every single one along on this journey. No one is left behind. Each person represents a continent and the countries in it. This could be described as a link that channels and spreads out to continue the light which the black community share amongst themselves and onto the world. Ubuntu

4. Another symbolism is the Gorilla imprint under his shoe – Burna has affiliated himself with this herbivorous Ape species that inhabits the forest of Central Sub-Saharan Africa. The gorillas are known for their strength, intelligence, similarity to humans, physical characteristics, tenacity and domination, amongst other features.

He sees himself as a strong influence in the world and therefore leaves his “imprint” in the sands of time as the “Odogwu” the world would know, even after his exit. The imprint in the sands of time would tell a story that future generations would pass down to their children. With his raised leg, he is taking a giant step and moving on to conquer the rest of the world.

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