NEWS: Ruggedman Says He Rescued A Female Traveler From Hoodlums

Ruggedman Says He Rescued A Female Traveler From Hoodlums

Ruggedman Says He Rescued A Female Traveler From Hoodlums: Veteran Nigerian rapper/singer, Ruggedman has shared how he rescued a stranded female traveler from hoodlums in Lagos.

The rapper took to his Twitter page to share how he rescued the young lady who was beaten and nearly raped in his area. According to him, the young lady who was stranded after a trip from Ghana to Nigeria was beaten by three guys.

He called the attention of the DPO at the Ogudu Police station after giving her a place to sleep and eat. He wrote this on his Twitter handle. It’s a thread.

“Last night was another experience. Sat up to female screaming. Looked out the window & saw a girl being assaulted on the other side of the express by 3 guys. They were trying to drag her into a dark area. My guard & the street security chased them off”.

“Her movement was laboured & really slow. We were able to convince her to cross over to our side. She groaned with every step. The boys really beat her. Talking to her, I got to know she came into Nigeria from Ghana two days ago after a misunderstanding with her sister”.

“She said she lost her things, money and had to sleep on the road Saturday night. The area boys saw her the night before & tried to rape her Sunday night, being her 2nd night on the road. Her granny lives in Rivers state. I took her into my street, gave her something to eat”.

“Put her in a safer place to sleep & called Ogudu @PoliceNG station Dpo Celestina Nwankwo. After briefing her, we agreed that I’ll take her to the station today, Monday morning. Took her to the station this morning & officer Tina after asking some questions”.

“She said she can make her way to Rivers state. She was sent to the clinic for treatment. We agreed on helping her get to Rivers & by the time I left the station, she had eaten and was taking a bath. Thank u officer Celestina Nwankwo. I just realised I didnt ask the girl her name”.

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