Nigerians Surprisingly Defend Cuppy Against Cyber bullies, Slams Her Haters

Nigerians are surprisingly defending Dj Cuppy against cyberbullies.

This rare act of kindness is coming hours after a troll boy brutally body shamed Cuppy after she shared a photo on Twitter. The troll told Cuppy that her face and body are entirely different colors. She also talked about her tummy rolls and informed Cuppy that she looked like a pregnant woman.

Cuppy simply replied with a heart emoji and told her she loves it when people say things like this to her.


Nigerians who felt Cuppy had had enough of the bullying, took to Twitter to express themselves. They asked her bullies why they are so wicked and insensitive with their comments. Some dragged the wicked witch who body shamed her that she isn’t better than Cuppy even with her being skinny.

Others tweeted that Cuppy has had enough of the insults, that it isn’t her fault she was born into a wealthy family and people should let Cuppy breathe.

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