Updated Numbers Show Eminem In Top 15 Greatest Selling Artists Of All Time

Chartmasters updated their Commensurate Sales to Popularity Concept chart with new streaming numbers and the resulting list shows that legacy pop acts still sell the most, with Eminem as the only rapper in top 50.

The rating is based on sales of the original albums, sales of compilations generated thanks to the album, sales of physical singles from the album, sales of digital singles from the album and streaming numbers.

Unsurprisingly, the chart is topped by The Beatles with over 412 million units, with Michael Jackson and Elvis Presley almost 100 million units behind. Queen and Madonna close top 5 with 265 and 242 million respectively.

It goes like this, good old legacy acts all the way until Eminem appears at No. 14 with 181 million units right between Rod Stewart and Eagles. The freshest music act, the first one who started as late as in the 1990s – and the only one from that era until Britney Spears enters the list at No. 39.

Eminem is also the only hip-hop artists placed that high on the list. The nearest to his position is, you guessed that, Drake. But his nearest is No. 53 with 80 million CSPC units.

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